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BUS 204 Business Communications 5qh

This course is a study of the theory and practice in the organization, content, and style of business letters; the role of business reports and their types; collecting, organizing, and interpreting data; written presentations; oral presentations; practice in writing business letters and reports; and practice in making oral presentations. Prerequisite: ENG 101

BUS 206A Legal Environment of Business 5qh

This course is a discussion of the ethical, political, social, legal, and regulatory issues of a business environment. Topics will focus on the conflicting rights and duties of individuals, organizations, and other factions in a domestic and global society that lead to the development of ethical awareness, social responsibility, and law.

BUS 210 Marketing 5qh

This course is a study of marketing channels and institutions; market structure, organization, and behavior; retail, wholesale, and industrial marketing; and governmental regulations.