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PSY 200 Intro to Psychology 5qh

The course is a study of general psychology that includes the fundamental theories of psychology, the relationship of psychology to other disciplines and the application of psychology to human relations.

PSY 203 Human Growth and Development 5qh

This course is the study of the various areas of human development from conception to old age and death.

PSY 205 Psychology of Adjustment 5qh

This course is a study of the fundamental principles of good mental health. Normal and abnormal reactions to stress and conflict are examined, with an emphasis on healthy techniques of adjustment.

PSY 207 Educational Psychology 5qh

This course is a study of the application of behavioral science to issues related to teaching and student learning with a focus on the cognitive and emotional learning of children and adolescents.

PSY 210 Abnormal Psychology 5qh

Abnormal Psychology is an overview of the field of clinical psychology including a review of the history of psychological disorders and current identification, etiology, and treatment of a wide range of psychological disorders representing a range of theoretical perspectives.

PSY 230 Research Methods for the Behavioral Sciences 5qh

This course is a comprehensive study of the diverse research methodologies used in the behavioral sciences. Students are taught how to design and implement experimental and non- experimental studies. Students will be required to conduct a research project. Research ethics are emphasized at all stages of the research process. Upon completion of the course, students are able to evaluate critically experimental research and non- experimental quantitative and qualitative research with regard to not only the design, implementation, and interpretation of behavioral studies, but also the ethics of research. Prerequisites: PSY 200 and MAT 200