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SOC 200 Intro to Sociology 5qh

This course is the study of human society, the nature of culture and its organizations. Applications of communication, socialization, mobility, and population growth are analyzed. It is a comprehensive study of research methods, theories, and principle findings in the field of sociology.

SOC 205 Social Problems 5qh

An analysis of a diversified society in relation to social events that occur in contemporary society. Changes in social norms, social goals, and values are a primary concern. An understanding of social disorganization as it applies to family, economics, religion and other social institutions.

SOC 206 Juvenile Delinquency and Procedures 5qh

This course is a detailed examination of juvenile delinquency in the United States. Course topics will include social causes, apprehension and processing, court procedures, and rehabilitation.

SOC 207 The Family 5qh

This course is the study of the family as a basic social institution. Course includes alternative behaviors in contemporary family life, changes in family patterns, and marital adjustments and challenges.