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COURSES OFFERED in BAS Degree Programs

NOTE: The BAS programs at Georgia Military College are 4-year programs and require acceptance into those programs in order to be eligible to take 300 and 400 level courses. The courses listed below are ONLY applicable to the BAS degree programs.

BSM 300 Principles of Management and Organization 5qh

This course is a study of the structure of business firms and the principles of organizations that determine departmentalization and lines of authority and responsibility. Management principles and functions of management together with planning, leading, organizing, and controlling and staffing are studied.

BSM 310 Managerial Accounting (Non-Accounting Majors) 5qh

This course addresses the use of accounting information by non-financial managers. Emphasis is placed on the interpretation of accounting information and the language of financial accounting to participate effectively in business activities such as planning, investment, control, and managerial decision. Prerequisite: Any AreaA2 math with a grade of “C” or better.

BSM 315 Advanced Business Communications 5qh

This course addresses the importance of excellent communication skills in the workplace. Emphasis is placed on effective and efficient business report writing and presentations that integrate business decision-making and analytical thinking skills into the content.

BSM 320 Organizational Behavior 5qh

This course integrates the study of individual and group behavior in organizations including motivation, conflict, work stress, power, politics and other challenges of leadership. Emphasis is on ethics, leadership, communication, and decision-making.

BSM 325 Organizational Development 5qh

This course analyzes the forces that drive organizations to change, examines barriers to change, and presents approaches for managers to consider in order to make organizational change more effective. An understanding of change processes and practical skills for becoming an effective change agent will be covered.

BSM 330 Human Resources Management 5qh

This course examines all aspects of human resources including job descriptions, work force planning, training, development policies and procedures, reward systems, and due process relative to personnel management. Employment laws and labor relations will also be covered.

BSM 340 Operations Management 5qh

This course describes the scope of operations management and how it pertains to the whole organization. Qualitative principles and techniques to effective planning and utilization of resources in the operations of manufacturing, research and services are emphasized. Topics include operations strategy, change management, product design, process selection, and planning and controlling the supply chain.

BSM 345 Purchasing and Global Sourcing 5qh

This course examines the role and activities of strategic sourcing and operational purchasing. It addresses purchasing operations and structures, strategic sourcing processes and the critical supply chain elements of managing supply chain inventory, information systems, and supplier performance. It will cover inventory control, purchase orders, the importance of documentation, plus purchasing procedures.

BSM 350 Leadership and Management Practices 5qh

This course presents concepts, principles, and techniques of business leadership. Emphasis will be on developing a solid leadership foundation while centering on the real themes, demands, and opportunities of an evolving and dynamic business workplace. This course will incorporate a basic leadership skill development as it relates to the core aspects of the management practice.

BSM 355 Organizational Leadership 5qh

This course will present the development of leadership theories from trait, skill, style, situational, and contingency constructs and their utilization by managers and leaders. The content will emphasize the importance the role of both leaders and followers and their interaction with organizational culture and effective performance.

BSM 400 Management Information Systems 5qh

This course covers essential business aspects of information systems such as networks, databases, the internet, management reporting, and information ethics. Students will examine the use of management information systems, which will include fundamentals of computer-based technology and the use of business-based software for support of managerial decisions.

BSM 410 Financial Management (For Non-Finance Majors) 5qh

This is an introductory course in financial analysis and decision-making from a management perspective. Topics include financial statement analysis, financial planning, time, value of money with analysis and computation tools, cash flow analysis, risk and rates of return, asset valuation, capital budgeting, and miscellaneous financial decision- making tools and methods. Prerequisite: ACC 202 or BSM 310.

BSM 420 Quality Management Systems 5qh

This course will examine the continuous quality management and improvement philosophy. Topics will include quality assessment, lean manufacturing, six-sigma, quality processes, techniques for charting attribute and variable data, statistical process control, and total quality management. Prerequisite: MAT 200 with a grade of “C” or higher.

BSM 425 Introduction to Lean/Six Sigma 5qh
This course provides an introduction to the first five phases of the Six Sigma process which are define, measure, analyze, improve, and control. The material will emphasize the importance of developing a clear definition of the scope of any Six Sigma process and use SIPOC in determining that scope, as well as the use of certain tools in that  process. The course will also illustrate the use of selected tools in the measure phase of the Six Sigma process and the statistical models used in these tools. It will provide the necessary tools to develop data analysis techniques designed to enable the student to sustain and maintain process improvement solutions. This course is only applicable to the BAS programs. Prerequisite: MAT 200 with a grade of "C" or higher.

BSM 430 Principles of Supply Chain Management 5qh

This course provides a general knowledge of Supply Chain Management (SCM) and the associated functions necessary for efficient, cost effective delivery of goods and services to customers. Technology, tools, and practices of modern integrated materials management and logistics are examined. Topics include, master scheduling, materials requirements planning, scheduling, enterprise resource planning, purchasing, distribution requirements planning, just-in-time, and inventory management. Prerequisite: BSM 340 with a grade of “C” or higher.

BSM 435 Principles of Logistics Management 5qh

This course is an analysis of the logistics function as a total system including inventory, transportation, order processing, warehousing, material handling, location of facilities, customer service, and packaging. Trade-offs and the interaction of various system components are explored.

BSM 437 Warehousing and Distribution Management 5qh

This course will examine the various concepts and theories involved in the effective management of an organization's warehousing and distribution systems. Topics will include warehouse layout and design, storage and handling techniques, distribution strategies, distribution requirements planning (DRP), distribution ERP systems (WMS), performance metrics, customer service considerations, and safety concerns across various types of distribution facilities. Prerequisite: BSM 430

BSM 440 International Business 5qh

This course is designed as an overview of the principle aspects of conducting international business. Domestic and international business political and legal environments are studied. Topics include, international trade theory, foreign exchange, export and import strategies, negotiations and diplomacy, and human resource management in the global marketplace.

BSM 450 Team Management 5qh

This course will examine team building, two-way communication and feedback, participative management techniques, motivation, small group processes, group decision support, employee empowerment, employee involvement, group dynamics, and change management. The course also covers skills in employee evaluations, recognition, rewards, and people management strategies.

BSM 460 Marketing for Managers 5qh

This course helps develop the marketing knowledge and skills necessary for the successful management of an organization. Students will research and discuss marketing concepts, including the development and execution of marketing strategies. The course will focus on formulating a marketing strategy for a variety of enterprises including business-to-business, business-to-government, and public service organizations.

BSM 470 Project Management 5qh

This course is a general introductory class in project management designed to give students an exposure in general project management concepts. This course is meant to provide students with a framework on which to build project management knowledge. Concepts will include Gantt charts, PERT charts, Critical Path and Critical Chain methods, and understanding how to develop a project budget.

BSM 480 Strategic Management 5qh

This course covers the strategic planning process from identifying and engaging internal and external stakeholders to the development of a mission statement and identification of goals, objectives, and activities. Topics include, environmental analysis, organizational direction, strategy formulation and implementation, and strategic management theory. Prerequisite: Senior level status required.

BSM 497 Capstone: Supply Chain Management and Logistics Project 5qh

This course serves as the capstone for the Supply Chain Management and Logistics major. The course will provide an opportunity for students to apply academic concepts learned in the program core courses to real-world cases. Students will identify the business problem(s) within a case study and provide valid solutions centered around supply chain management concepts. Students will be required to write a formal written report and presentation that provides their solutions. Case study oriented. This course should be taken in the final quarter. Prerequisite: BSM 430

BSM 498 SAM Capstone Project 5qh

This course serves as the capstone for the Supervision and Management major. The course will provide an opportunity for students to apply academic concepts learned in the program core courses to real-world cases. Students are expected to complete and present a performance management plan or a business proposal. Case study oriented. Project must be approved by the instructor. This course is taken in the student’s final quarter. Prerequisite: BSM 310 and BSM 420

BSM 499 BM Capstone Project 5qh

This course serves as the capstone for the Business Management program major. The course will provide an opportunity for students to apply the academic concepts learned in the program core courses to assess an organization. Three major components will be addressed: 1) the strategic analysis of an organization, 2) the development of a forward-looking strategy with competitive, ethical, and global considerations, and 3) the development of an implementation plan. Project must be approved by the instructor. This course is taken in the student’s final quarter. Prerequisite: BSM 315, BSM 410, and BSM 470